what is an osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual treatment that helps relieve many musculoskeletal conditions.

Osteopaths can successfully treat many types of pain. Whether you are suffering with back ache, work strain, postural problems or pregnancy pains, osteopaths can help diagnose the cause of the pain and help reduce the level of pain and suffering.

Osteopaths work to restore the natural balance of the body using gentle massage, mobilisations and manipulations to increase the mobility of the joints, ease muscle tension, increase blood supply and help your own bodies healing mechanisms. We also offer exercises and post treatment advice to prevent symptoms reoccurring.

what happens at the first visit?

When you first visit an osteopath they will spend time taking a detailed medical history including important information about lifestyle and diet.

An examination will be performed to determine the cause of pain and help the osteopath determine the cause of the pain and help the osteopath decide on the best form of treatment for that individual.

what treatments do osteopaths use?

Treatment techniques used by osteopaths include massage and mobilisations to

affected muscles and joints, and gentle manipulation to increase joint mobility

where necessary.

After treatment advice will be given on exercises, diet, and lifestyle changes to

prevent further re-occurrence.

what is an osteopath?

Osteopathy is a natural manual therapy which seeks to overcome the wide range of problems resulting from disturbances of the body’s framework and moving parts.

Essentially osteopathy is a way of detecting and treating damaged tissues such as muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. When the body is balanced and efficient, it will function with the minimum of wear and tear allowing the individual to feel healthy and well and live life to the full.




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